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About Us

Jettison’s mission is to be the leader in low-cost easy-access health care, and we're passionate about providing quality health care services to everyone. Virtual Urgent and Virtual Primary Care, VPC. $49 doctor visits with the Jettison patient app on Android or iPhone. No need to wait days or weeks to see a primary care doctor. See a doctor in minutes.

With the free Jettison app you can quickly connect with a doctor for non-emergencies; and talk to them via text, voice or video. It’s your choice.

If you need medication, we can even prescribe it and ship it straight to your door, quickly and inexpensively.

The best part is Jettison is not an insurance company, so we can offer our services at a much lower cost than traditional health care providers. Our simple pricing model lets you choose to pay $49 per visit or join our monthly membership program to save even more.

That's Jettison in a nutshell! Let us know if you have any questions. We’re happy to answer them.

To be the leader in low-cost easy-access health care.

Be delightful
Make it simple. Make it convenient. Make them smile.

Show Compassion
When interacting with patients, providers, colleagues, and partners slow down to show compassion, have empathy, and listen to what others are saying.

Follow the Rules
Everything including but not limited to company policies, to regulatory rules, state and federal laws.

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