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Community Health Worker-COVID-19

Posted: 09/12/2021

Vaccinate Southeastern Colorado! Community Health Worker/ Promotore de Salud Job Description
Salary: $20 an hour
Job type: Temporary (1-10 hours per week). Position ends July 30, 2022.
Purpose: Establish, expand, and sustain a community outreach workforce to educate and assist people access and receive the COVID-19 vaccine.
Roles and duties:
• Provide health education and act as a resources of culturally competent health information.
• Have an open dialogue about the COVID-19 vaccine and be an active listener.
• Enhance health literacy by disseminating evidence-based information to community members and distributing educational material.
• Assist with organizing and working community events, pop-up vaccination clinics, and health fairs.
• Keep track and record encounters (daily record of activity, minimal demographic information, number of people encountered, number of referrals made, number of appointments made, mileage, successes, challenges, etc.).
• Improve communication and build trusting relationship with community members and providers.
• Increase accessibility: Provide community members with information on where to receive COVID-19 vaccines (list of locations/providers).
• Identify social determinants of health (factors that may influence individuals’ ability to get the vaccine)
• Schedule vaccine appointments and reminder calls for those appointments.
• Other duties as assigned.
Some activities include but not limited to:
• Participating in community fair/events
• Focus groups
• Passing out educational and/or informational fliers on COVID-19 vaccine outreach and accessibility
• Conducting outreach through visiting:
o A community-based recreation center
o A community/resource center for a specific population of people sharing common background (Italian Americans club, a meeting space for Spanish-speakers, etc.)
o A local school, college, or a community learning center
o An LGBTQ+ community/resource center
o A local library or other public buildings
o Church, temple, or other religious sites
o Housing or apartment complexes
o Places of business
• Door-to-door outreach
• Other forms of in-person interaction such as:
o Telephone
o Email
o Text messages
o Mail
o Webinar

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